Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Changing table pad

So, this is going to be a weird post ... since it is not about anything pretty or beautiful I made. But I am still oh SO proud of this ... and since this blog is to me something where I collect everything I make ... I will post about it anyway. Even if you think I am rather weird afterwards. ;-)

It all started when I was pregnant and we began to prepare for the baby. So many things you need ... Since it was our second child at least there were quite a few things that we already had. Like a changing table that my husband had build for our first child and that I painted red! (It is rather a table top kinda thing that we put on top of a drawer chest.) But when I unpacked the changing table pad that we had used with our first child I discovered that is was broken and could not be used anymore. Well, these pads cost quite some money overhere and I really did not want to spend that money on another pad. Especially since the newly bought ones usually smell really funny (like chemicals) that I did not feel good about putting my baby on top. So I figured that would be a great project for me to make myself. I started googling and thinking ... Well, and I was actually thinking about this for MONTHS!!!

After looking at prices for fabric and all I soon discovered that I would end up paying not less - maybe even more - when making it myself compared to simply bying one. :-( So I figured it only makes sense to do this if I can use stuff that I already have on hand.
My mom had some old oilcloth that she was willing to give to me (this actually was a table cloth before) and I thought I could use an old blanket as the "inside". So I had the supplies but again they sat in my home for months!!! I simply could not make up my mind how I should finally do it.
There were so many "buts" in my head ... I was not sure how to sew the oilcloth together ... was afraid if I sew it together like fabric that I would not be able to turn it inside out since it is much stiffer than fabric ... and how I should close it ... should I try to sew the blanket into the oilcloth? or rather put a zipper in or something ... ? (Like I would ever be able to put a zipper into some oilcloth ... haha)
I was mulling this over and over and was never really satisfied ... the baby was born and due to not having a changing pad we used a stack of towels. It worked but it was frustrating to me to see that this was not finished everyday. I still did not want to give up on the idea of making it myself. And then ... after literally months ... one night I had this idea! THE idea!

I simply cut up the old oil cloth to make a big rectangle and sewed the sites together similar to the so-called envelope pillow cases. (I did not bother to try to sew it from the inside and turn it over. I just sewed directly on the "good" side.)

This way I did not have to think about zippers or other types of closures. I just used the side with the opening as the back - this way nothing liquid can get inside the pad. I simply put some cut up old blankets inside and they make a nice soft pad. And now there is no problem if I want to change the inside for washing or whatever.

I was so happy when I had the idea. And was even more happy when I saw that it worked. :-) Now the only thing I really need to make is a few changing pad covers. Hope that one will not take me another 6 months!!!!


Care said...

Fabulous! I love how if you just wait long enough, inspiration will FINALLY strike and you'll have your idea!

I've got a couple projects I am STILL waiting for inspiration on! :o)

Karin @ madebyk said...

yay you! I love it when that happens, the aha moment! and, OH, those "I've been meaning to make this for SIX months" projects. I have way too many of those -- am trying to change my habits... Prehaps I'll post about that tonight...

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