Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to organize links/ project ideas?

So since I don't have to work anymore I am trying to get everything ready for the baby - obviously - but also am trying to finally get on with some projects I had in mind for so long already AND am trying to get everything more organized. One of the things I wanted to start reorganizing - or should I say organizing for the first time - are the links to all the great websites and project ideas I come across when reading other blogs, googling or looking for inspiration. And ... well, I did not get very far yet. How do you organize links and/ or ideas?
I started out using bookmarks - and putting these into folders ... and subfolders ... and ... well subfolder ... you get the idea ...
At some point there were so many, that when I was actually looking for something that I knew I had saved a while ago - there was no way of finding it (at least not within a reasonable amount of time). So I stopped bookmarking ... and put links simply into a text file. That was meant to be a temporary solution - until I figure out something better. But ... I haven't yet figured out something better. So now I have a whole load of bookmarks and a textfile with MANY links ... and still don't find anything ... and no clue how to properly organize all that stuff!


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