Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chocolate marshmallow muffins

Yesterday I made muffins with my daughter - just because of it. No special reason. We tried a recipe from a book for chocolate marshmallow muffins. I think they look declicous. (Sorry, I would love to print the recipe - but I don't want to violate any copyright regulations.) The taste was alright - but not overwhelming ... so I am thinking I will try to make up my own. (Of course they will contain MORE marshmallows and MORE chocolate!) If it works out I will post the recipe. (Might take a while though.)

While making the muffins though I realized baking muffins is really a great activity for kids! Lot's to measure, to cut, to stir ... oh, and to taste! (Not the dough itself of course, but chocolate, marshmallows or fruit ... depending on the kind of muffin.) And you don't have to hurry as long as you have not mixed up the dry parts and the liquid parts of the dough yet ... so you can take your time. (Which really bothers me with some cookies doughs. If you handle them for too long they either get too dry or too soft.) My daughter loves to put the paper cups into the baking dish. And she loves checking on the muffins when they are in the oven. Well, and she loves to eat them ...

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