Thursday, July 9, 2009

Layered jello

As you can see the layered jello turned out quite well in the end. My husband came up with a clever idea how to speed up the whole process. We put icecubes in a bigger tray and put the bowl with the jello on top of the icecubes which really made a huge difference! (Luckily we own one of these freezer/fridge combinations that also produce ice - which is in the US really common but overhere rather rare.)
Here again the instruction(s) I used
Fly to my window
Cafe Zupas

It's definitely fun eating it - making it not so much though! ;-)


LiEr said...

Turned out gorgeous! I am so glad it worked after all that experimenting. I'll bet your little girl was thrilled! Reminds me of the jello mum made when we were little. It was pretty but elaborate and I don't know if I'll ever do something like that for the kids. She used empty eggshells and filled them with plain jello (mixed with milk). Then she added a slice of canned peach into each eggshell and let the jello inside the eggshells set in the fridge overnight. The next day, she cracked the shells and got these white jello eggs with peach slices in the middle, for yolks. Then she made a new batch of colored jello - say, red. And poured this in a bundt cake pan. Then she carefully put the jello eggs lying down in the colored jello. Then set the whole thing in the fridge again. When it was all set, she carefully dumped it out on a plate and cut slices as if slicing a bundt cake. Each slice had a slice of "egg" inside the colored jello. We loved it, but oh, it was work!

Miss Muffin said...

Sorry for responding so late - your mom made some amazing stuff!!! I already am quite sure that I will not make that layered jello again in the near future ... :-) I am just not patient enough ...

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