Sunday, June 21, 2009


We made these cuties today. Well, actually I made the cake yesterday evening and let it rest overnight in the fridge. (It's supposed to make the frosting easier.)

(Just in case you are wondering ... lamingtons are supposed to be covered in coconut all around. The one on the lower left side of the photo was a special request by my daughter. She did not want coconut on top. So that's what mami did.)

I have had quite a few lamingtons when I was in Australia. First time I saw them I thought that they look really boring. But to my surprise they tasted really nice. I have not had lamingtons since I left Australia - which was about 9 years ago!!! (Wow, I'm just realizing that I'm getting old.) I always wanted to try to make some ... but never got around to it. But when I saw this post on Cake journal I thought I HAVE to try them. NOW! (By the way, the whole blog is worth reading. There are so many nice pictures and cute tutorials!)
The recipe I - and Cake journal - usesd is from And I think it turned out really well for a first try. The cake itself was a bit dense for my taste. I think I simply left it a bit too long in the oven - so I will watch it more closely next time.

But the frosting - YUMMY!!!!

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Bonnie said...

mmmm. i love lamingtons !

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