Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine treat for my small sweety

After reading on so many blogs about valentine ... I really got into a "hearty" mood. :-) Valentine is not as big here in Germany as in the States. Even though flower industry really tries to push it! :-) But if valentine gets celebrated overhere it usually is only celebrated by couples. We don't give valentines to other people like kids, parents, co-workers ... And many people don't give valentines at all. But after reading about it that much ... I thought it is nice to show some people how much they mean to me. Of course you CAN do this any time of year - and actually you should. But it's nice to have a little date and reminder ... just in case you forgot lately ...
I am not in favor of big presents and stuff. I just like the idea of something small that says "Hey, I'm glad that I know you" ... and I found so many cute ideas in the blogging world lately that really inspired me!

As I said, it is not common at all around here to give valentines to kids. I was at first unsure about whether I should give my daughter something for valentines day. I am always very anxious that we spoil her too much. But in the end I thought - who is more important to me than her!? I love this little girl more than my life and it can't be really wrong to show that. I still did not want to make a big present or anything, but I loved those cute felt cookies that Melissa and Katie made. And I actually was thinking of making some already for quite some time and I figured Valentines would be a good time to give them to her.
And with all the stress at work during the last days I was really craving some simple craft that I could finish fast. - For some reason a finished project always makes me feel really well! - And therefore I started and made a tiny collection of felt heart cookies. I hope my daughter will enjoy them and love playing with them!

(On this cookie I sewed tiny glas beads to resemble sugar sprinkles. I would definitely NOT recommend doing this if your kids are very small! To be on the save side I think it is better to embroider the sprinkles.)

Aren't they lovely?


Katie said...

These cookies are so cute, I love all the details! I am thinking about handsewing another set too, the ones I made on the machine were more to give me practice sewing curves.

I made her two handsewen cookies for Halloween and put french knots on them as sprinkles. I bought beads but then thought she was too young at two for them.

The embroidered details are so cute and I love how they're all different!

Aren't handmade gifts the nicest was to show someone you love them? Your daughter will be thrilled.

Miss Muffin said...

Oh, I am very bad on sewing curves on the sewing machine. Therefore it was probably a very good idea to do it by hand! :-) I am quite sure that it would have taken me longer on the machine than by hand. I love embroidering ... I always feel like I am getting a bit carried away ... I'm quite sure my daughter wont't really care that much about all the details. But anyway, I had really fun doing it.
And I actually believe that my daughter does already value handmade gifts - even though she is only three. Of course not in a way an adult does ... but she seems always really proud when her mummy or daddy made something for her. And of course I feel much better giving her something I made than something I just bought!

Katie said...

I certainly think your daughter appreciates the handmade things. Even at two and a half, whenever my daughter sees me crafting the first things she wants to know is it for her. Gets quite upset if it's not. I also think it's something she'll remember when she grows up and then for sure she'll appreciate it.

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