Sunday, February 1, 2009

Living room decoration

This is not really a craft ... but I was thinking about this project for so long and am so excited that it turned out so well. In our living room we have a big red sofa and to the right and left there are green plants. But there was always this white empty spot above the sofa ... I couldn't make up my mind what to put there. None of the pictures we had seemed to fit. I was thinking about adding many photos in frames ... but the thought of putting all those nails in the wall (we live in a rented apartment) made me - and my husband - dizzy. Now we finally decided to have a black picture ledge with black frames. I really love the idea to put pictures - or small objects - on such a ledge thing. Also we added two clamp spot lights so we would have more ligth for reading or crafting. I wasn't really sure about those spot lights and how it would turn out ... but now I'm very happy we did it that way. The red really matches the sofa well. (The other option would have been a floor lamp - but it would have been more expensive and would have been in the way all the time.) Also now we have TWO lamps I don't have to fight with my husband over who get's the light. :-) The only thing left now is finding photos that we want to put into the frames ... and with time I would like to add a few smaller frames as well ... But for now I am very pleased! (Unfortunately I think it does not look as nice on the picture as in reality ... )

If anyone is wondering ... on the sofa there is my felt lying around from a project I was just working on. But that will be the next post ...


Katie said...

Photo ledges are the best idea, we had some from Ikea when we lived in an apartment too. Easier than hanging photos too, you can rearrange whenever you want without making new holes and it gives you some display space for little knick knacks.

Miss Muffin said...

Exactly! I am thinking of getting one for my daughter's room, too. Would be really nice to show off her art work!

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