Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tea party game

Well, I have not posted alot lately ... I have been very busy doing stuff, but have not finished alot so far ... :-) But today at least I can show one project ...

After I saw this totally cute tea party game at Melissas blog I tried whether I could buy it in Germany, too. However, I could not find it. So I thought I make my own version of it.
The rules of the game are:
Each person takes turns to spin and collect items. You can collect dessert, a sandwich, cuttlery, a plate, a cup, sugar and fruit. If you spin the bees you loose one item. In order to collect food you have to collect a plate first. To collect sugar you have to collect a cup first. The person who is the first to have collected everything wins. Easy.

This is what I made so far:

Well, I am not very good at drawing ... but I did enjoy it nevertheless! :-) I used water color pens - that's why the colors look rather faint ... It's supposed to be this way! :-)
I made only the spinner (I hope that's what "the thing you spin" is called). At first I thought I am going to make the whole set ... but now I am not too sure anymore. I realized that I could use my daughters play kitchen and play shop stuff instead of making plates, cups, food ... I think she might even like it more when playing with "real" stuff instead of paper cut-outs ... The disadvantage of course is that I can only play this game with her at home ... unless I want to take half a play kitchen and play shop with me ... :-)
So, I don't know yet whether I might end up drawing cups, plates, fruit, cakes ... Maybe I will just decide depending on how much she likes the game. We played it once today and she seemed to have fun ... :-)


Melissa said...

That looks fantastic!!! You are really talented! I think it's a great idea to use your daughter's play food. You could also cut pictures of food out of magazines if you wanted an on the go version. I've thought of making the picnic version of the game and making felt food to go with it and storing it all in a cute little basket.

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks for that nice comment! *blushing* And by the way, you were right, it was easy to make!
I think to use felt food is a great idea!
And thanks for the idea to use magazine pictures. I didn't even think of that ... but of course! Very easy and great thing is I could get my daughter involved in making it! She loves cutting at the moment! And I am actually often surprised how precise she can cut stuff! I think she will probably like that.

Miss Muffin

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