Saturday, January 24, 2009

One leg warmer finished

I know I need two. But since it takes a while - at least for me - to finish one I still wanted to show off the first one! :-)
I wanted to kinda make a combination out of these two leg warmer models:
cable legwarmer with pompoms and this pattern with curly edge

I really liked the top bit of the first pattern: how it is folded over and how it has those cute tiny pompoms. However, I didn't want to go for a cable pattern. In the second pattern I really liked the ruffled edge and the simple pattern of the rest of the leg warmer. So I kinda figured that I'll just combine those two. So I wanted to make a simple leg warmer in a knit 2 purl 2 pattern. Fold the top over and add tiny pompoms. And finish it off with a curly edge. And this is what it looks like now ...
Since my daughter was not very cooperative at first and simply did not want to put the leg warmer on for a picture I tried to put it on my arm - obviously it would not fit my leg! - and take a picture of it ... I would have never believed how hard it is to take a picture of your own arm if I would have not tried this! VERY hard! Below is by far the best picture I came up with.

The pompoms are still missing ... so I am working on those ...

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Fat Chick said...

GREAT color choice! I've been looking at legwarmer patterns, I think I want to crochet myself a pair... for next year. Because it will take me that long!

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