Friday, January 30, 2009

Make your own font

I have not been able to post anything the last days. Work was just crazy ... the last two days I stayed up very late - TOO late - to prepare a presentation I had to hold today ... and now I am simply tired. Normally I would say, well, at least it's weekend now ... but I have to work tomorrow, too. :-(

But today I found a really cool site I just had to try - and share with you! And I think I'm going to play around with this site the next couple days! Check this out:
With you can make your own fonts!!! You can make a font with your handwriting or ... whatever you want! Endless possibilities! And it is free! I love free stuff. :-)

I just tried it with my handwriting and it is really cool to type on your computer and see your handwriting appear! :-)


Katie said...

I've seen these kind of fonts before, but it was alway for a fee. Great that you found a free one, I'm going to have to head over there, thanks for sharing!

Heather "Hev" said...

Yes it is fun isnt it :)

I made my own font awhile ago and made my blog header with it... made it that bit more personal in my opinion :) I think I forgot to share the link (I got it from another blogger just cant think who!!!)

Wish I could do my posts in it too! Oh well!

Have a lovely day!!

Miss Muffin said...

I did not even know that it is possible to make your own font. I just so LOVE this idea! You could probably even make a kid's font - if your kid can write letters inside those small boxes. Mine can't. :-) But I will keep the idea until she is ready! :-)

Miss Muffin said...

@Heather "Hev"

Wow, if your blog header is your handwriting - you have a VERY PRETTY handwriting! I'm impressed!
And I was also thinking that it would be perfect if you could write your posts with it. I was already thinking that you could write a post ... and make it into a picture ... and add it to the blog ...
But I think that is something I will only do for "special posts" ... :-)
But first I gotta play around and make some more fonts ... so much fun!

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