Saturday, January 10, 2009

Look what I bought yesterday

It's pink and blue cotton velvet. I think the colours don't come out very well on the picture ... But I tried. ;-) (These were not really my favourite colours - however, the choices were really limited.) I also bought some black cotton - but since that is not so interesting I didn't take a picture. Now I just have to figure out, what to make off it ...

This one bought my husband already a few days ago in a discount store. I probably isn't the best quality yarn ... but I figured for the first sewing attempts it might be enough. I can't believe how nice those colours look together . I could just sit there and look at it ... and it makes me smile. I know I am weird ... but am I really THAT weird?!

And something else we bought yesterday. These just had to come with us! ;-) I know I am an adult - I don't need stuffed toys anymore. Well, at least I've got a daughter as an excuse ... If my husband wouldn't have been with me shopping I might have ended up with alot more than just two .... :-) These are really tiny ... and I am trying to think of a project where I could use a couple ...

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