Saturday, January 10, 2009

Funny faces game

This is a game I made to play with my daughter. I got the idea from here. It's pretty simple. You print out the pictures and cut them out. Or you just make up your own - like I did. I just cut four circles from felt and four different mouths. And I used google eyes but you could easily cut them from felt too. (I liked using felt rather than paper since it is a bit more durable and the mouths kinda stick on the faces ... ) Then you prep a dice - just put bits of felt on each side with double sided tape. I put on the dice the colours of the faces - there are four - and red and white. Then you start rolling the dice. The aim is that you collect a face first (you need to roll that colour). If you have a face you need to put eyes on it and the mouth. In order to get those you have to roll white twice and red. My daughter loves that game! It is really easy and quick and you can put it into a little box and take with you (like on car trips). However, I am going to change the rules a bit. With the rules stated above it can happen that one person ends up with three faces - and the other one only with one ... and after the faces are distributed four colours of the days are "passes" and only white and red are the ones you need ... so I find it a bit boring ...
I think I will change the game to the following:

The faces are distributed at the beginning and each player gets one (or two) faces - depending on how many players. The aim of the game is to fill the faces with a mouth, two eyes, a nose and hair (and maybe ears if you like). You have to assign certain colours for the part of the face - like red for mouth, white for eyes, brown for hair ... One colour will be a pass - the person is not allowed to take anything. You can also add a joker - this colour would mean that the person can pick one thing he/she likes or needs. If you play with the joker you will have no ears in the game. I think it will help to put down the colours with a picture of the body part that they stand for on a letter sized paper ... so the child can have a look after he/ she rolled the dice and will see what the colour on the dice means.
I think this way the game kinda makes more sense to adults ;-) (which my daughter won't care about!) and you can play it a bit longer. Also since you can make as many faces as you want and are not limited to four anymore - more people can play! To make it even harder you could leave out the colours completey and use the numbers on the dice and assign these to certain parts of the face. But I think that is only suitable for children a bit older - younger children probably get too frustrated with that.

Well, I hope this was not too confusing. If it didn't make sense or anything is unclear - just ask! :-) And if you have any suggestions for games for little children (my daughter is three) - please tell me!

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Melissa said...

Great idea! I'm definitely going to try this. Thanks!

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