Thursday, January 15, 2009

And the award goes to ...

Sorry, it took so long, but the last days were kinda crazy ... But finally I will announce who I would like to give the award to. I have to say I will give it only to four people instead of five. And this simply is because I could instantly think of four people that I wanted to give it to ... but just couldn't make my mind up about the fifth one ... As I have mentioned earlier I just started blogging a while ago and I have come across MANY very interesting looking blogs. I save them into my bookmarks ... but since my time is very limited I did not have the time to read through them yet ... Therefore the award goes to:

Mira - in her blog "Kleine Naht ganz groƟ" (it is in german) I saw the nicest children's clothes that she sewes. I simply lover her style - it is cute but not "too much". And she is really the nicest person! Via email she helped me so much with my own first pieces of sewing and took the time to answer many questions! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that!!!

Marmelis - without her blog (also in german) and her nice email I would probably not have started my own one! I found her blog kinda by accident and I loved the mix - posts about the children's clothes she sews, recipes, decorating, crafts ... and even more. I was so impressed that I wrote her an email. Among other things I told her that I kinda was thinking of starting my own blog but didn't know whether I really had the time and knowledge to do it. She send me a nice reply and told me I could just try and that I can set up an account with blogspot for free ... and I did! :-)

Tricia - she has the loveliest art and illustrations. And I am not just saying this because I won the custom blog banner! She regularly creates illustrations and shares them for free on her blog! I find that amazing! I really like her picture because the simply make me smile. And I really like many of her ideas - for crafts, gifts, organizing ...

Melissa - her blog "Chasing cheerios" has already given me so many inspirations and ideas what I could do with my daughter. I love that she shares so many ideas! And even though her blogs is read by really many people she takes the time to answer comments and emails! Thanks!

Congratulations to everyone! You are welcome to take the award from my last post and put it on your blog. I am really happy that I "met" you guys!
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