Thursday, December 25, 2008

Play kitchen and bandana for teddy

So just in time for christmas eve we finished the really big present for my daughter - the play kitchen. I am very proud about how it turned out and I was a bit scared that my daughter wouldn't like it a lot ... but she loved it. Now she is cooking - like daddy - all the time.

As you notice the "kitchen" is made out of a very old bedside cupboard. We painted it and turned it into an oven with knobs and a see-trough oven door. (I am especially proud of that one!) Inside there are "baking trays" you can pull out. On one side we - or rather my husband :-) - put shelves. On the other side we were going to put some hooks, but couldn't buy them in time since the store was out of them. So we will put them on later.

I also really love the colour combination. I don't know whether you can tell from the photos - it's yellow and a bright yellow. The knobs in the front (you can actually turn them) and the top are white. I was thinking about painting it blue and yellow. But I am glad I did it in yellow only.

Other than that ... I had made a tiny little bandana for the teddy of my daughter. Maybe the fabric looks familiar? :-) I used the same fabric as I used for the dress that I made for her. Now they can wear partner look! :-)

And of course teddy got his present in his own little packet - on the gift tag was his photo. (The bigger present was for her baby boy doll.)

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