Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mmh, banana-chocolate cookies

Sunday! I love Sundays! (And of course Saturdays.) And to celebrate the day I made some cookies. I had some really ripe bananas left and was looking for a way to use them. On the web I found the recipe for these cookies. I put in a bit too much banana, but I also forgot to take them out of the oven on time - and they turned out just great! A little bit crispy on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle! Mmh .... perfect with a glass of milk.

I also wanted to introduce a few new friends. I started to chrochet finger puppets a while ago and made a dog and a pig. I thought that they look really cute and wanted to make some more. Today I made a dragon! I really like making those finger puppets. It's a bit of a challenge since they are so small and finishing off all the threads pretty much takes up most the time. But the advantage is that they are finished really fast! And you get to use up remains of yarn you have laying around. You can easily make a puppet in one evening. I think I am going to make a couple more ... maybe a frog and a cow ...

For the fingerpuppets I used free patterns. This is where I got the pattern for the pig and the dog from (was also planning on making a cow ...) and this is where I found the pattern for the dragon. If you look here you can even find many more patterns. I just chose these, cause I liked them best.


Elsie said...

What a lovely combination of ingredients! Your cookies look delicious.

The crocheted finger puppets reminded me of the time when my children were small. I used to crochet hand puppets for them, there is still one that my granddaughter plays with now.

Regards from South Africa


Miss Muffin said...

Thanks for the nice comment! Very appreciated!

Do you happen to have a pattern or some instructions for the handpuppets? I was actually thinking of making handpuppets cause my daughter loves puppet theatre! The ones you can buy are either REALLY expensive or not very nice (or both). :-)But I figured I would have to sew some. Didn't even think of crocheting them ... But I kinda like the idea!

Greetings from Germany

Elsie said...

If you send me e-mail (there's a link on my gift blog) I can send you a few patterns, just give me a week or two so I can look for them, the book is


PS: I have a sweet lovely man from Germany in my life for the past 4 years -

Karin said...

Wow, love the finger puppets! Are you following a pattern or just making it up as you go along? Very cute. I haven't crocheted in ages, but seeing these, want to start up again...

(Enjoyed seeing your other crochet projects too, but didn't take the time to comment. But love the idea of making sturdy toy boxes/bins -- would look so nice!)

OK, now I'm really going to get to my dishes... : )

Miss Muffin said...

Yes, I did follow a pattern. And it is free - found it on the internet. As soon as I have more time I will link to it in this post! Hope that will help you. The puppets come together really quickly and my daughter still really enjoys them.

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