Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So I finally decided to start my own blog! I was playing with the idea since years now ... and will see how far I get with it ... :-)
Basically I want to use it as a kind of collection of ideas and things I like. And there are many things in my life that I like. :-)
Most of all I love my daughter (she is 3 now)! And also the father of my daughter ;-) and our dog. When I am not working the three keep me rather busy. When I have some free time left I also love:

crafts of all kind
knitting - up until now only socks though
everything creative ... :-)
taking photos, organizing photos, looking at photos ...
tango argentino
baking - especially muffins
cooking - for example marmelade and jams
looking at recipes
other countries and cultures ... and their food :-)
taking baths
playing games (yeah, I do enjoy traditional board games)
reading and writing emails
looking at interesting stuff on the internet
ebay - totally addicted :-(
listening to music
eating cookies with a glass of cold milk! :-)
doing pilates - just learning it
would love to learn yoga

So basically it's rather hard for me to get bored! Unfortunately I am quite chaotic - I never do one project at a time but start many different things ... and of course sometimes loose track ... Hope this blog helps me to keep track of all my ideas and projects and things I wanna do ...

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