Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Enough of the quietness - and Fairy birthday inspiration

I have not posted in soooooo long!!!!

And to be honest - there was not really a good enough reason for such quietness on my part. After the last post things got busy. But not more than usually. And I was used to going back and forth between times of business and times of more quietness ... 

So I waited for the more "quiet" time to start. 

And waited ... and waited ... and waited ... 

Weeks passed and I realized that this is not a busy phase ... this is it! It kinda freaked me. I missed posting here. But I hardly managed the German blog ... and everything else. I kept telling myself ... oh, I will write something next week. But that never happened as there were new things always going on ....
So, all I can say - I have missed you guys! Seriously! 

And I am sorry for being so quiet for so long!

And especially thanks to some of you who checked in ... will get back to you!

I will try to start up again and write here. I love this blog of mine and I love hearing from you guys! I miss sharing things I make with you. And I also miss reading all your blogs. 

I will not be able to write as often as before and to be honest I still have no real plan yet how I will do it - maybe I try a "once the week" post or something. Not sure yet. I will have to figure it out along the way. 

I just realized if I wait until I have a plan ... it will never happen! *laugh*

So today I will start off and share a few of the things I made for the fairy birthday party of little bear (which was in summer).

First of course there was a huge 

fairy castle cake. :-)

And for the kids party there where 

toadstool mega-muffins 

And I had acutally sewn 

leaf shaped pillows

to sit on!
Talk about crazy and having no time! :-)

My daughter had wished for a 

birthday crown

So I made her one out of felt ... decorated with some handmade heart-buttons:

"Feenkrone" is fairy crown in German. :-)

One of the buttons:

And last - but not least - there was a 

fairy! ;-)

I made her the 

fairy dress

according to her instructions! 
And believe me - a six year old can have surprisingly precise ideas about how her fairy dress has to look!!!!

I love her so much!

And huge thanks to Lorraine for helping me with making the dress!!!! 
Your input was unbelievably helpful!


Papgena Made It said...

So good to hear from you!! :)
Don't worry I think we can all relate with your problem, I know I can!! ;)
So much work you put on your little girl's party!!! But pay off!
Love the dress! And the cake!! and the leaf cushions!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [12 Oct 09:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Shearer's Girl said...

Great cake! And I love the toadstool muffins.

Karin @ madebyk said...

Oh, where to even start? Funny, I had a nice long bloggy absence too -- no writing, pratically no reading. How odd that we both decided to jump back in right around the same time?

Love the cake you made, and I bet the birthday girl loved it even more! Is that fondant covering it? So so cute.

And the muffins. And pillows. And crown. And buttons. And dress. Wow!

I'm intrigued by the German blog -- is that a family thing? or crafty too? (or a bit of everything?) I'd love to have the address if that's OK -- might be a nice way for me to practice my German...

Oh, and my new mantra for blogging somewhat regularly: shorter posts! (Apparently, I've adopted the opposite for comments - ha ha!)

Tschüss, bis bald...

LiEr said...


Everything is so gorgeous! The toadstool muffins, the leaf pillows, the cake! And the dress! So beautiful! Oh, dear friend, you did ALL the work. I am honored that you mentioned me at all, but really, all credit to you - wonderful work! Brava!

Must tell you a funny story. Jenna has a birthday coming up so the girls and I were talking about her cake. Suddenly Kate (3 years old) said, "Mum, when it's my birthday, I want a fondant cake." I laughed so loudly! Where did she learn the word fondant? We never use fondant at home! Apparently she watched a TV show and there was a cake decorating team using fondant. Funny!

Am going to make a cupcake-shaped cake for Jenna's birthday. I hope I can pull it off. I wish I had your talent for cake-making. Wish me luck!

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