Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wanna learn how to sew pockets?

Then check out the 

You already know I love her blog. Now there is one more reason to check her out. 

Like you would need another one. ;-)

Photo from Ikat Bag

A whole series of tutorials just on pockets! 

I love them!
So far I have only used one kind of pockets when I had to because I did not really know how to do other ones and was too scared to try. Now I know where to go to find all the information I need.

And she made a teaching quilt for how to sew pockets that she is giving away:

Photo from Ikat Bag

Is this amazing or what?

I love that it is all different shades of blue!
I think it would make an amazing organizer for some of my crafting stuff ... if the kids do not get it first and drag it off to their room ... :-)

If you want  a chance to win it go to this post to find out the details.

But hurry! It is only open until tonight!

Btw, she did a whole series on  
Just in case you are interested ...


Ellie said...

Thanks Ms Muffin! Don't know why I haven't visited before - have bookmarked you for when I have a little time and a nice cup of coffee for a special read! Happy New Year! xx

Little Cooties said...

That's a great blog! I'm always too scared to do pockets! Thanks for the link :)

BTW, love LOVE the buttons you sent :)

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