Monday, December 6, 2010

St Nicholas

The 6th of December is St Nicholas Day here in Germany. I love that day as it actually goes back to a real person who gave to the poor.
The tradition is to clean your shoes at the evening of the 5th. During the night St Nicholas will come and put something in your shoes ... if you were a nice person! ;-)

Do you celebrate St Nicholas Day?

Picture from PunktPunktKommaStrich

This beautiful picture is from the German blog PunktPunktKommaStrich
I am not really a heel person - or shoe person for that matter. But I am totally loving all those different shoes and how they are drawn! 
Too cute!
Thought you might enjoy it, too. :-)


Papgena Made It said...

no, I don't and i don't think that is celebrate here in Portugal but do you know a funny thing?
when I was a child, I spend christmas' eve in my grandparents house and we allways put our shoes in the oven. We (the children) collected one shoe for each person of the house and then we put them in the oven and wait for Pai Natal (translated: father christmas).

Sue said...

We don't celebrate it, but what a fun tradition!

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