Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Homemade Snowglobes

Yes, you guys were right! 
A penguin snowglobe!!! 
I love it! 
This is the one I made. It is teeny tiny. I will show you again when it is finished. Have to harden it ... and put it all together ...

But wanna see what my daughter made?
Remember, she is only 5 years old!

 I think it is completely amazing!!!

And I swear - I did not touch her stuff once!!!
She did ask me how to do things and I would say stuff like "Try to make a ball first and then make an oval" ... or stuff like that. But other than that - she did it ALL BY HERSELF!

I love the bird she made!
And the sweetest thing ever:
She told me that she wants to give it to her little brother as a Christmas present!
She is such a darling!

Well, back to frantic sewing. Finished a skirt! Hooded scarf almost done. Stickhorse still to be made. Think am going to skip the owl mobile ...
Now I KNOW why it always sais "Santa and HIS LITTLE HELPERS ..." 
How on earth did I think I could pull off making presents withouth them????
Also still baking and cleaning to do. 

Note to self: Stop thinking!!!! You are just gonna freak! SEW!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You sound like i did last week and on top of it all I was sick.
you can do it!!
Your penguin snowglobe will turn out great--and your little one is quite the artist!Wow! Precious :)

Care said...


looks like your daughter takes after her mama!! :o)

good luck with all your projects -- and wish me luck with mine!

Charlene S said...

Kids are fantastic! The snowman and the 3 birds in tuxs are great. Thank you for sharing.

Papgena Made It said...

oh they are great!!!
your little girl is already an artist!
good luck with your projects!
I'm there too!!!

Mindy said...

That is adorable! She's very talented. ;-)

quilary said...

That looks amazing, I can't wait to see it all finished.
Your daughter just takes after Mumma! Creativity is such a wonderful gift to give your children and then you have the added bonus of pride in their achievement too!

Elaine said...

She did a fabulous job (and so did you!), lovely holiday pieces :)

PootleFlump said...

Your penguins crack me up! They are just adorable. Cant wait to see finished picture. As for your daughters Snowman - Wow!

Michelle said...

That *is* amazing -- and if she can do that by herself now, just imagine what she'll be able to manage years from now!

I'm going to have to follow your blog to see how these turn out.

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

very fun! I didn't do any crafts since we were sick all Christmas break. How fun! I'll have to remember this next year. Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

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