Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wishing all of you a great fall weekend

Something like this maybe ... ;-)

I know all around blogworld Christmas stuff keeps popping up. Even I already did one post. But to be honest - I do not feel at all like Christmas yet!!! It feels much more fall-like to me ... So I am trying to enjoy this feeling for as long as possible! :-)

Btw, you know what I did today? I managed to get myself a blister in the middle of my left palm! 

How you do that you ask?

By working with polymer clay!

And - no, I am not kidding. 
It does kinda hurt!

And it is VERY inconvenient for keeping to work with clay ... *sigh*
Now does that mean that I am incredibly stupid for getting myself that blister - or am I just really serious about the clay business ...

And no, you do not have to answert that! ;-)

Have a good weekend you all!!!!
No blisters for you!


Tanya said...

Have a great fall weekend, too! I`m also not quite in the mood for Christmas yet, although I do have to be busy working on gifts now or I`ll never finish.

Papgena Made It said...

Hope you're better!!!
Tomorrow is Monday, oooooohhhhh!!!

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