Friday, October 15, 2010

The winnder of the Fall into Fall Quilters Bloggers Giveaway

I was BLOWN away by the number of people that commented. 
And such lovely comments, too!!!
Thank you guys so so much!

I would have loved to give buttons to each one of you. Your ideas were AMAZING! 
I unfortunately do not have the time to make over 100 sets of buttons though ... and postage probably would ruin me ... :-/
But as a little comfort ... I am definitely going to do a Christmas giveaway! 
So you will have another chance!
And ... I am kinda undecided ... would you guys like another giveaway before Christmas? 
I kinda feel there haven been so many giveaways going on ... but maybe that is just me ... ? 
I am really not sure ...

Anyway, I decided for now instead of giving away just one set of custom-made buttons I will give away two! How does that sound?

For the first winner I chose 

Little Cooties

*insert some excited gasping from winner here*

She wrote in her comment:

how gorgeous! I would LOVE to have some owl buttons, or some other kind of bird.... magpie (seeing as I'm in australia)
thanks for the opportunity! :) 

Okay - I will be in touch shortly to discuss what I am gonna make ....

Are you curious why I chose this comment?
Well, baby boy LOVES magpies! We have spent all summer watching them ... there has been a nest nearby. They are still around in the neighbourhood and whenever we see some - or hear some, they are quite noisy - little man seems really happy! He seems to really like them! And whenever I see them it makes me think of all the mornings and evenings I was out in our garden sitting on a chair drinking tea and holding little man - who would actually for ONCE sit still and just watch the birds hop around in the surrounding trees. 
I do not really know what they did but the young magpies - about five - seemed to play catch. It was really enjoyable! We would do this EVERY day!
So when I read this comment I knew I wanted to try to make magpies. I am not sure whether I will succeed ... so maybe it will be owls instead ... :-) But I really want to try!
Okay, now the second winner. Because I felt a bit bad somehow for choosing the first winner myself - even though I did say so right from the beginning - I did let the random number generator choose the second winner. 

The random number was 165 which is 



*more excited gasping here*

She wrote:

Well, flutes would probably be a little tricky, although I would LOVE those--so how about different colors/breeds of chickens? Roosters, hens, chicks, the sky's the limit! Now I want an egg sandwich...excuse me...

Now I too want an egg sandwich ...  
I will be in touch to make some flutes or chickens! :-) Sounds fun to make. 

I have to tell you I was quite relieved that the random number generator did not choose the ferrets ... or gnomes ... As much as I love the idea I would have no idea how to make them! 

Oh, and if you want to check out how I am doing with magpies and owls and flutes and chicks ... I will share here. :-)

So, I am off to bed and leave you with the good news. :-)
Hope many of you win great stuff on all the other giveaways of the Fall into Fall Quilter Bloggers Giveaway. 
And would of course love to see you again around here ... 

Oh, and for all those who asked whether I am selling - which really made me SO happy you would not believe - there will be some news soon on my blog, too ...


Anonymous said...

Would love to have won, but I'm sure the winners will appreciate your work as much as I do. Congratulations!

Quilary said...

Congratulations to the two lucky winners. I'd love to see the magpies...I have one making a huge noise outside the window - I think the wind is driving it crazy!

Annemarie's Breiblog said...

Congratulations to the winners!!

clare's craftroom said...

I've just seen some of your buttons , lucky winners !

Margie said...

Congratulations,Ms Muffin, you are the winner of the Margie's Crafts The Vintage Blog Giveaway, please email me your contact details at and I will forward you on your package. Hugs, Margie.

Little Cooties said...

WOW!!! I'm sooo excited!!! :)

How wonderful that Magpies won it for me :) we too have been watching the magpies around our house, and I have been feeding them with worms from the garden... I know... poor worms! But the Magpies love them.
THANK YOU for choosing me. I will be sending you my details via email.... happy happy me :)

Papgena Made It said...

Congratulations to the winners!
I'm looking foward to see the magpies!!

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