Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cardboard cookies

So in a very very desperate attempt to keep my little man from getting sick again I have decided to let little bear stay at home for 2-3 weeks ...
Our pediatrician thinks that she brings the bacteria or whatever home from kindergarten but does not get sick herself ... So I am hoping when she stays home, that maybe little man will get a little rest from getting infected ... Well, that IS the theory at least. 

Btw, by kindergarten I basically mean daycare. I think kindergarten in the US means something else. It is not a school-type of thing but rather a place where the kids play with other kids.

Well, it is quite challenging being home all day with two kids! :-)
So I am trying to find activities for little bear to enjoy. The problem is of course that little man ALWAYS wants to have his fun too. 
So basically right now I have a 1year old with glitter in his hair, felt tip pen paint on his hands, and plasticine under his fingernails. Wonder what the pediatrician will say tomorrow when she sees that ... *sigh*

So I am trying to find activities that little bear can mostly do herself - so I can watch hold down little man.

When I saw these fun cardboard cookies on IKAT BAG I knew they were a great project.
You have to check out her post - ours are really not as cute. But that is alright ... I was not too worried about cute. My goal was "keep my sanity"! ;-)

I did not use such great supplies as Lier on IKAT BAG did. All we used were cardboard, felt tip pens, water colors, and 

*drum roll please*

glitter glue!

Yes, to my daughter glitter glue seems to be pretty much heaven on earth! 
She was delighted! 
She wants to keep the cookies for her play store. 

Guess I will have to try to come up with other projects that utilize glitter glue ...
Any ideas?

Watch out for more project ideas to come ... however, they might sometimes just be with links to other sites without photos from me ... 
For some reason photo editing just takes so long ...


Wendy said...

have you been to V and Co.'s blog? She's got a terrific recipe for homemade playdoh my pre-schooler and kindergarten love playing with. Try, and her recipe was a couple of months ago. Her blog is worth the cruising, but if you need help finding, let me know. Good luck!

Sarah Craig said...

I think glitter glue is probably the non-edible counterpart to sprinkles on cookies! I bet she had fun!!

LiEr said...

Yay, Miss Muffin! Sometimes the best crafts are the easiest ones, aren't they? Then the kids can do them all by themselves and we can drink tea and eat chocolate, er..... I mean, we can just supervise.

Ms Muffin said...

@ LiEr:

:-) Yes!
Unfortunately no chocolate eating for me while supervising the kids. No matter how much I try to disguise it ... they always find out that I am chewing on something ... and want some ... *sigh*
Do they have a built in radar for chocolates and sweets?

Ms Muffin said...

@ Wendy

Thanks for the link - I will definitely check it out!
I was planning on making some play dough anyway. Glitter one of course. ;-)
I was planning on trying this recipe as you do not have to cook it. I will have a look at the one that you suggested, too. I did make playdough before ... I also posted the recipes on my blog ... but I always had trouble with keeping it. If I put it in airtight containers it gets very soggy. If I leave it outside it dries out completely ... So I am going to try some new recipes ....
I do not think that playdough will live "forever" but I think a few weeks should be fine ... at least I hope so ...

Thanks again so much for the link!!!

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