Friday, September 24, 2010

PROJECT 38: Sewn Teacups and Teapot

Photo from Ric raC

Go on over to Ric raC to see the evolution of a sewn teacup!
And look at this adorable teapot

So cute!

Photo from Ric raC

 If you look around a bit on her blog you can find even more cute pics of those teacups ... 
so pretty ...


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Jennifer Hancock said...

Some how project 39 and 40 are no longer on your blog.. :( I wanted to see how to make teabags. I enjoy your blog- keep it up!

Ms Muffin said...

Sorry for the confusion! I tried to schedule them and it got all jumbled up ... The posts you are talking about will be up tomorrow!
I thought 5 posts in a day might be a bit too much ... ;-)
And there will be another one about making teabags next week, too ...

Anji* said...

These are super cute! Great for little ones to play with :)

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