Thursday, September 23, 2010

PROJECT 35: Amazing Teapot Cake (with tutorial)

Photo from Cake Space
Do you love this cake?
I definitely would not mind getting such a beauty for my birthday! *hint*
Well, guess if I want one I would have to make one myself ... *sigh*
But guess what - you can make this one yourself. 
There is a 

on Cake Space. 
Go and check it out!

If I do end up having a proper tea party one day THIS is going to be THE cake!


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Sue said...

I have a teapot cake recipe too(which I've saved for years!)and I've never made it:( This is so cute. I'll have to watch the video and maybe I'll finally make one!

Sue said...

Oops, not a video, but a tutorial. It did help too!

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