Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PROJECT 33 : Supercute Knit Tea Cozy

Photo from Craft Leftovers

This is so cute! I think the teapot kinda looks like it's snuggling itself into that cozy. Kinda like a sweater. 
Do I have a too wild imagination?

Anyway, you can download the free pattern on Craft Leftovers. And it fits either a small teapot or a standard mug! Who does not have a mug that would like to get such a cute sweater!? 
So what are you waiting for? Go hurry ... get it and start knitting!


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Melissa said...

Love this cozy! I need to knit one up for my tea pot. It gets cold too fast!

Emily said...

hi! Thanks for your comments to my snowflake hat! I made the lining by folding the hat in half (earflaps on top of each other), then tracing and cutting the fleece. It's just handsewn along the bottm inside edge, and then up the back seam. You can tack it to the hat at the top as well. You might want to hem the flannel before you sew it in, so it doesn't fray... Hope this helps!

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