Friday, August 13, 2010

Yummy yummy choc-chip cookies

Yesterday was a bit rough. So in the afternoon I really felt like having some really good cookies. You know the ones that are a bit crispy on the outside edge but gooey in the middle! The only place where you get those cookies here in Germany is SUBWAY. And while I was thinking about that I remembered that a while ago I had searched the internet for copy-cat recipes of subway cookies ... and saved the links. So when my husband took little man for a walk so he could nap I hurriedly made a batch of cookies with little bear.

When I was done with the dough, the oven was preheated and everything I checked the recipe again ... and relized that it said "Chill the dough for 1 hour."
It was already snack time so we needed the cookies now. If I would have chilled them as it said they would be ready for dinner. I was mad at myself for not reading the whole recipe before starting. (Which you should always do!) On the other hand I was mad at the recipe. Why would a recipe state as the first thing to do "Preheat oven." if you have to chill the dough for an hour? What oven takes more than one hour to preheat???

As the dough still seemed firm enough to form it into balls I simply decided to skip the chilling. And you know what? I still ended up with the loveliest cookies!!! They were simply AMAZING!

I mean look at this:

They turned out so perfectly round.

And they were still slightly warm when we had them so the chocolate was still melted .... oh heaven ...

Don't you just want to bite into them?

You won't regret it! :-)

Oh, I almost forgot. Here is the recipe I used! If you love cookies you HAVE to try it! Yes, right now! Off to the kitchen ...

 They are best right after baking when they have just cooled down a bit. But if you eat them the next day just popp them in the microwave for REALLY SHORT. With my microwave 15 sec. was best. But you might have to experiment a bit.


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