Monday, August 16, 2010

Weird day

I had a totally strange day today. While baking I ran out of




and baking soda!!!

I mean that I run out of one thing while baking - unfortunately - happens to me on a regular basis. (I want to add in my defense that I am not the one responsible for shopping!) Sometimes - if I am really unfortunate - I run out of two things. But running out of pretty much every basic ingredient you could need for baking ... I think it is pretty save to say that has so far not happened to me!
Very strange!

I can't show you yet what I have baked as I have no photos. But I thought I could tell you. :-) I made a small vanilla cake, a chocolate jumbo-muffin and tiny chocolate mini-muffins. I prepared some dough for muffins that I froze and that I plan to bake shortly before the Pippi party. And I have made a small banana cake at the weekend which is already frozen now. (Still have to make banana muffins.) I would like to make a small topsy turvy cake ... kinda like a miniature topsy turvy one. The biggest layer is the banana and it's half the size of a regular cake. The middle layer will be vanila and the smallest the chocolate jumbo muffin. I am really curious and a bit anxious to see whether it will work out.

Also in general getting rather nervous about the whole party thing ... 
oh well, off to bed ...

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Aunt Spicy said...

That is actually funny! That happened to me with flour a little while ago...I called a friend :-)

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