Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pippi Longstocking smock

I finally managed to finish the Pippi Longstocking smock I was working on. My daughter likes it ... and I am quite happy about how it turned out.

 That is the front. I wanted to use a yellow fabric and the only thing that I had was some corduroy. My daughter chose the fabric for the left pocket. I thought the green fabric would look fun with it. Thought mis-matched pockets are a MUST for a Pippi smock.

This is the back. I was not sure what a lining to use ... and ended up using a striped fabric.
What do you think?

I do not remember anymore which pattern I used. I think I used more than one and kinda put them together and hubby helped me by making it bigger (on the computer). If you would like to make your own smock here are links to free patterns:

Instructions and pattern on the German website Eltern
Here is the direct link to the pattern from this site - you will have to resize the drawing.

Another German page with instructions and a pattern for a Pippi Longstocking smock
Direct link to just the pattern

A German blog "Wer hat die Schere"
Direct link to the pattern

And FINALLY an English post with pattern for a smock :-)

I am sorry for all the German sites, but figured maybe the patterns are still helpful.

I am linking this to some great link-up parties you can find on the right side of my blog. Go and visit them for some inspiration!


Jennifer Hancock said...

I think you did a awesome job!!!!

Sue said...

All you need now is Pippi! It's perfect!

Jane and Lou said...

Home made clothes are the best. I'm excited to tell you I just become your 80th follower. Looking forward to more inspiration. Please check out (both) my (new) blogs @ and What a thrill to connect with clever bloggers all over the world hey? Have a lovely day, Jane:)

Aunt Spicy said...

I am dying at hoe fabulous that is!!

Papgena Made It said...

oh it's lovely!!!!

Donene said...

Very cute, I love the striped fabric!

Leslie said...

How stinkin' cute! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

Eva said...

So sweet! I like it very much.

The Pixies Pocket said...

I love it! Where can I find a pattern?

Ms Muffin said...

@ Pixies Pocket:

I remember that I had found several patterns online and kinda put them together into one ... and enlarged it ... actually, hubby had done that for me.
I will try to find the sources of the different patterns and put the links into the post searching! :-)

Ms Muffin said...

Just edited the post and put in all the pattern links that I had saved back then ...
Hope it helps! :-)

N. said...

so sweet! found you via Pinterest :-)

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