Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The randomly selected winner of my first giveaway is ...

*imagine drumroll here*


As chosen by my own radom winner generator little bear - who was asking me after choosing a slip of paper out of a box full of them whether we would do that every day now?
... ehem ... sorry, no. :-)

Congratulations Digital Misfit!!! :-)

 This is going to be yours:

I will be sending you an email right after posting this ... 

For the rest of you who are not Digital Misfit - I hope you have a bit more patience. I am still going through all the comments to choose the one I liked best! I am pretty certain that I will not be able to manage this this evening (it's already 9pm overhere). So I will announce the second winner tomorrow.
Meanwhile - if you want to - you can head over to Aunt Spicy and enter another giveaway for a strawberry pin I made.


Ka - Craft e Coisas Mais said...

Ohh.. wasnt me =( But its Ok. Congrats Digital Misfit!!!!! Maybe a get lucky with the other one or in Aunt Spicy.. =P

Papgena Made It said...

Congratulations Digital Misfit!!!

MJ said...

Congrats Digital Misfit! So sorry I missed this giveaway, am a little unorganised lately... LOL

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