Sunday, May 2, 2010

Double chocolate cookies

I made cookies. Chocolate cookies. And I think they would have been perfect if I would not have left them a bit too long in the oven. :-(
I hate that! It really frustrates me when I overbake cookies. I am pretty good at judging doneness with cakes. But cookies and brownies ... well, I am just never sure. Cookies are tricky. They seem completely soft ... but when you take them out and they cool they harden so much. I KNOW that by now. But I just never know how much they will harden and how soft they should be when I take them out. I don't like overbaked cookies - but cookies that are not close to being done are not that much fun either ...
So I guess I will just have to make these bad boys again. If you want to try them this is the recipe I used.

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Mariella said...

sembrano molto buoni questi muffins ciao mariella

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