Friday, April 30, 2010

Crocheted baby balls

I made these balls following this pattern (via Floral Showers). When I made the first one my daughter helped me stuff it. For some strange reason she loves to stuff things I make. :-) And she gave me an idea! She remembered when I made the ribbon ball (which she also helped me stuff) and that the kit came with a bell. I did not use the bell for the ribbon ball and she asked me whether I would be using the bell for this ball. Well ... I had not thought of that but why not? And that started it all.

I did not use the bell for the first ball. But I made a second one and used the ball for that one. And I made a third one and added crinkly chocolate wrappers inside. Good reason to eat those expensive chocolates that come individually wrapped! ;-) So now baby boy has three balls - one silent one, one with a jingling bell and one that crinkles when crushed together. He does not play too much with them yet. It is still a bit hard for him to grab them. But I guess they will be a hit when he gets a bit older. So for once I have something ready IN TIME! :-)

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Anne @ Floralshowers Craft Blog said...

These are beautiful!!! Much cuter than mine...i've been inspired now to make a few more. I will link also to this post from my post! So so cute!!! =) Thanks for sharing it with me.

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

Thanks for inspiring me this week on my Tot Tuesdays link up party! I hope you’ll stop by again this week.

I’m hosting Yummy Mummy Week May 9th-16th and I’ve got a great group of ladies sharing their tips on fitness, fashion, parenting and relationships as well as a giveaway everyday. And I’d love for you to share a story and some photos of how your life and body have changed since becoming a mom. The Link up party starts on Mother’s Day and runs the whole week.

Have a great week and Happy (Early) Mother’s Day!

KJ said...

Those are so cute~ This is my first time visiting your blog, I came from My Delicious Ambiguity link up!

Emily said...

Very cute! I really like this idea. Will have to make some myself.

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