Monday, February 22, 2010

Personal information

Just a quick post ...

I am more and more getting tired to write "my son" and "my daughter" when I am talking about my children. I think it always sounds so akward, so I was thinking how to change that. I do not want to use their real names in this blog though. Maybe some people find that strange but I think most will understand. I have seen that some people use "blog names" for their kids. I thought about that but I would feel really strange writing about my kids using other names. So I decided I will use nicknames instead. I often use nicknames in real live, too so it won't feel too weird to me. :-) I will refer to my daughter as "little bear" and to my son as "little man". I hope that this is not going to be confusing for people that read it.
(I also add this info to the "That's me" section in the sidebar so hopefully also people that just stop by will be able to know why I am writing about bears and men all the time.)

Also I add where I live to the sidebar section. When I started this blog I figured it does not matter where I live. But it has been confusing for some people in the past so - this is to clear things up: :-)

I am German and I am married to a German guy. I live in Germany and raise my kids just talking German. So I am not a native speaker of English (this is where all the spelling and grammer mistakes come from!). I write this blog in English basically because most blogs that I like are written in English and this makes it easier to communicate with other people. Also I am simply assuming that more people using the internet understand English than German. ;-) Also I like writing in English. I lived in a few English speaking countries a while ago and really loved it. Unfortunately in my job I could not use English as much as I would have liked to (at the moment I am staying at home). So I love using the internet and I love to read English books and watch English movies (Yeah to DVDs! Cause in Germany everything on TV is synchronized ... not that I have a TV ...).

Now you know! :-)
(Whether you wanted to or not!) ;-)


Care said...

I too try to keep my family information as private as possible. I don't say my kids' names either. It was only recently (last week!) that I put up a photo of my boys, and I still feel a little strange about it!

Your English is excellent, by the way! :o)

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks for the compliment regarding the English! There are still so many things I don't know ... like is it called marzipan or almond paste ... or both ...? That really is something I did not come across in all the time I lived abroad ... :-D

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