Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

to everyone!!!

We are all doing fine and are still adjusting to the fact that we are four now. :-) I really miss blogging! But at least I sometimes get to read blogs again and if I am very lucky - and my son is sleeping - I even get to leave a comment or two. (Rare though.) Typing is much harder to do than reading because for typing I need both hands. :-/

Before my son was born I thought that by now I would be blogging again ... Well ... Even though my son is my second child it all took me quite by surprise. He is a very demanding child. :-) At the beginning he basically wanted to be with me ALL THE TIME! And I am not exaggerating! We were actually asking ourselves why did we buy a crib? By now it is much better! He sleeps in his own bed (attached to our bed) at night which is a BIG step! :-) But the baby sling has become my best friend during the last weeks! At least I can do much more when he is in the sling than when I carry him around just in my arms. (And my back is aching a little less, too.) But for some reason he does not like me to sit down when he is in the sling - if I try most of the time he wakes up again. (Unless he is very fast asleep.) So I can do many things that you can do while walking around ... but sitting ... still hard ... And if I got to sit down there were so many things to do ... forms to fill out (here in Germany there is a shocking amount of paper work you have to do after a baby is born) and also at least do a few things to prepare for christmas. (Will try to get a post together about our christmas projects during the next days.) So there simply was no time left for blogging. I hope that with the beginning of the new year things will get less busy and I will finally have time again to write here.

I wish you great holidays!

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