Monday, October 19, 2009

Fondant covered cookies

I have wanted to make fondant decorated cookies for so long .... So couple days ago I finally made a batch of dough and cut out some cookies. I used the recipe by Meaghan Mountford which she posted on her blog The decorated cookie. Really loved the cookies and I was surprised how well they really DO stay in shape!
I decorated the cookies with a thin layer of fondant (light green one). My favourite ones are the hearts and the tea pots. But there even was a dinosaur (for my daughter) with an umbrella! :-)


Chic Cookies said...

These look FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for the shout out. I've also had great luck with these cookies holding shape (after bad luck with other recipes). And I find recipients particularly LOVE when I add almond extract to the dough, so if you didn't try that this time around, I definitely recommend it the next, if you like that flavor. Bravo on the decorating!

LiEr said...

Beautiful! So yummy! You make such mouth-wateringly lovely cookies and cakes! Reading about all your baking adventures made me remember how different the butter is in the US from the sort we used in Singapore (Australian and European butter). I can't bake with my old recipes here, and when we visit Singapore now, I can't bake with my US recipes. Frustrating!

P.S. very excited about your Big Day! How long more?

Care said...

They are amazing!! I just took a peek at your past few posts, and all your food creations are just BEAUTIFUL. I'm drooling as I look!

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments! It was definitely quite fun to make these!

@LiEr: Do you mean that the butter in the US is salted? Or is there another difference? When I lived in the US I was not too bothered because I did not bake back then. (However, eating bread with jam and salted butter really took some getting used to!)I thought that they sell butter without salt as well?
When I am baking now and use US recipes I usually just use the normal german butter when a recipe calls for "butter". I have actually never thought about that it might be a different butter in the US ...
What I could not figure out yet however is "shortening". (That is american, isn't it?) Since I could not figure out what exactly it is I also simply use butter now ... Well, you see, my baking is a bit of an experiment everytime ... :-)
And the big day was a week ago! Well it was supposed to be November 1st. But our boy obviously did not want to wait any longer ... :-)

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