Saturday, August 1, 2009

4th birthday

I already posted photos of the big birthday cake. However, I served that one for the birthday party with the grandparents at the weekend. Since the actual birthday was in the middle of the week we celebrated it alone - which I quite enjoyed.
For breakfast we had birthday muffins. Huge ones! :-) My daughter wanted candy on them - which she got. And she wanted lolli pops on top as well. (I did that last year for her birthday and she wanted to have it again.)

My husband and I did not go to work and we all went to the zoo together. It was very nice! My daughter had not been to the zoo for quite a while and she seemed to really enjoy it. I especially loved that they had so many baby animals.

And I always love the meerkats.

The highlight for my daugher was probably the camel ride ...

.... on a camel named KLAUS! :-)

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