Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our vacation

So we are back now already for a week. But I didn't find any time to sort through all the pictures up until now ... So here are finally a few impressions from our trip to the east sea.
Our dog was very sceptical about the whole thing ... she is not too keen on "being away from home". She loves the water though! Unfortunately she can't swim. Yes, apparently there are dogs that cannot do that and also do not learn it. The very scary part is - the fact that she cannot swim does not really bother her very much. She still would run into the water like a maniac - not checking whether it gets very deep very quickly! So we only let her into the water with a lead. Last year at the north sea I made the mistake to let her run free - and I actually was totally freaked cause I thought she will drown or I will have to go after her ...

The weather was not totally hot but my daughter still went into the water and had so much fun!

We also went for walks ....

On one of our walks we passed a field with cows. They were scattered all over the field - but when we passed they all came to the fence and lined up! I have never seen cows that do that and found it so funny. (Of course our dog was very excited, too. She always thinks every animal wants to play with her ... she's a bit strange that way ...)

Can you guess what the two in the pictures below are doing?
(And no, the one with the long hair is not me! It's my husband.)

Yes, flying a kite! My daughter loves her bee-kite. (And I think my husband loves it just as much.)

We saw many very beautiful sunsets.

After we arrived back home we had to unpack the car and stuff. Usually our dog is quite lively and runs around and is always in the way ... But no dog around ... Very strange! It was very quiet in the apartment so I went searching for her ....

and found her fast asleep! She really was totally exhausted!

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Karin said...

sounds wonderful! and the bit with the cows is hilarious... especially since there were so MANY of them!!!

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