Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paper eggs

I just wanted to show something my daughter made yesterday. As I was feeling quite well yesterday I wanted to craft something with her. She loves crafting at the moment ... so I figured I should take advantage of that. But I had not prepared anything ... so what we did was very very simple. But I still love it since she really did do everything herself. (Well, except for the pattern - I made an cardboard egg pattern that she used.)
She drew around the pattern, cut it out, wrote on it and glued colored paper on it. It's nothing really special - but I love it just for her handwriting! I still can't believe that she can "write" Oma (grandmom) and Opa (granddad). She also can write mom and dad (in german Mama and Papa) and her name. I would have never expected a child of three to be able to do that. I distinctly remember when I was trying for the first time in my life to write the capital letter "M"! I used a ruler cause I could not get the lines straight! And I was SEVEN!!!

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