Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mouse costume

I just wanted to share with you a really quick costume idea. My daughter wanted to be a mouse this year for carneval. Since I did not have a grey dress for her and didn't want to buy one I figured I will just make her costume myself. I found an old grey fleece sweater that I am not wearing anymore and used one of her simple dresses as a pattern. I cut out two pieces for the dress. All I had to do now was to close the side seems of the dress since fleece doesn't fray. I closed the straps with sewed on buttons. I also cut a bit of the sweater into a tail and sewed to the back of the dress. And I made grey ears from the sweater (with a bit white felt) and sewed these to an old headband I am not using. Oh, I also sewed a pocket onto the dress ... but that was just for my fun. :-)
All you will need now are some dark thights and a dark sweater for her to wear under the dress. Oh, and face paint of course!
I actually tried to get a picture of her "being" a mouse. But she was a rather jumpy mouse - no real luck with the photos. She would just jump right out of the picture ...

P.S. Do the legwarmers look familiar. :-)


Karin said...

Oh! So so cute! And the photo of her wearing it is adorable!

Miss Muffin said...


LiEr said...

HI there- that's a really smart way to make a costume - and the little mouse ears are just too cute!

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