Friday, February 6, 2009


I just started writing little letters and notes to my daughter. Of course they are really short and we have to read them to her. But she loves them. And she does recognize her own name in print easily. So I thought it would be fun to make her a mailbox where she could receive her mail. I started searching the internet for ideas. Here are a few I liked:

the place where big and little art meet
This is a really easy one. As soon as one of our tissue boxes is empty I will make one like those to put at my daughters door. Mybe I get her involved in making it, too.

ikat bag
Here are pictures of a really cool mailbox! I would love to make one ... but it looks rather time consuming ... and you need a really big cardboard box for it.
These are the instructions for a really cute mailbox made out of an old cereal box and fun foam. I really like how cute this one looks.

I really liked all of those ideas but I still did not go for any of them but made up my own. Here is what I came up with:

If you want to make one for your kids this is what you will need:

*an empty "cardboard" can with a plastic lid
I live in Germany and I used a can of "Im Nu" - which is an instant drink for kids. A can of instant coffee or cappuccino would also work. I do not know what similar things there are in other countries. - If you have any ideas or suggestions please comment! - Basically it just has to have the right size, not be off glass (probably even thin plastic would work) and have a lid your kid can work.
*some cardboard (2 pieces)
*a brass fastener
I had to look up the translation of this ... so I hope it is correct that it is called brass fastener. If not - please let me know!
*gift wrapping paper or construction paper - optional

Out of one cardboard piece you cut a mailbox flag. You could also use fun foam for this.

You put a hole where the flag is supposed to go. This is where you need the brass fastener - to affix the flag in a way that it can still be moved up and down. I just put it on the can in the photo below to check whether it works ... and took it off again for the following steps.

If you want to you can decorate the flag. I made a little envelope out of white thin cardboard and glued it onto the flag.

I glued wrapping paper all around the can. My daughter chose blue. :-) But you can also use construction paper or colour the can ...

Out of thick construction paper I cut a simple rectangle and also "wrapped" it in the gift wrapping paper.
Then I glued the rectangle to the can as a "foot" (you can see it in the very first pictures of this post).
That's it! Done! :-) It really doesn't take much time and my daughter loves getting her mail out of the mailbox and even put some own "letters" in there already.

After posting this I got a really lovely email from the writer of the blog IKAT BAG and she sent me the link to even more wonderful mailboxes and a totally cute mailing kit for kids. Check it out!


Katie said...

I love how you made this one all on your own, great idea! Turned our so cute!

LiEr said...

Hallo there! Thank you for visiting and commenting so I could come visit your blog. So many fun things to see - I love those valentines' cookies you made - such a work of love! I especially like those with the heart centers (the last photo) - like jam tarts that I used to eat when growing up in Singapore. Thanks for linking to me - yes, that mailbox was fun to make but took 2 days because I was working only during the kids' nap times. I really like the pretty mailbox you made out of the cardboard cylinder - we have oatmeal (what we called oats in Singapore) sold in cardboard cans like those with covers that might work. Such a great idea, and so pretty covered with paper!

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