Monday, February 23, 2009

Bag tag

Okay, so I got tagged by Kathie ... and I actually really enjoyed reading about her bag. :-) However, I almost fainted when I read that I will have to show my bag and write about what I got in there.

Okay, these are the rules:

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are today - not last weekend when you and your hubby went out to that fabulous restaurant. No cheating!!!
2. Tell us how much it cost. This is a no-judgment zone -- there will be no ridiculing or eye rolling here. And, if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it.
3. Now tag some fellow bloggers and link back to this post so people know why you are posting pictures of your bag.

I just realized - after I took the photos - that it doesn't say in the rule that I have to show/ write what I have in my bag ... HA! But since my bag itself is much more embarassing to me than the contents I am going to do it like Katie did it.

Okay, so here it goes. Before I show you the pictures I gotta tell you:
I am truly - biologically - a woman ;-) BELIEVE me! However, I do not care much for bags! (To be totally honest, I also don't like having thousands of shoes and hate shopping! Here you go!) Sorry, to all womanhood, but to me bags are just something that are necessary to carry stuff around. Well, of course there are some that are prettier than others ... Since I started sewing I actually think about - handsewn - bags very differently! And while I was interviewing for a job and therefore forced to look for a "pretty" bag I found out that there is actually a bag designer that I really do like (but of course usually cannot afford). I do own VERY few pretty bags, which are not to be shown here - and which would never work as an "every-day bag"! I am actually still looking for an every-day bag that can handle all the needs a women has - or better I HAVE! I am not sure that this bag exists on earth ... but still searching ... :-)

Anyway .... here are the pictures. Beware, photo material below might not be suitable to people that love bags!!! I will not be hold responsible for any injuries that are caused by looking at these pictures!

I also want to add - I am truly THIRTY - NOT thirteen, which you might suspect after looking at the pictures!

Okay, I was actually rather lucky - or you were, depending on the point of view. Because this is not the only everyday-bag I use. As I said I haven't found the perfect bag for me. And after alot of unpacking, packing, repacking ... and always forgetting something ... I started using different bags for different purposes so I basically only have to "repack" my wallet. I got three every-day bags - and this probably is the least ugly! Even if you might not believe me, I fear this is true. You are really lucky, people, that my only "going out" today was to the doctor!
I got a backpack for work, with all my workstuff in there. I got one big bag for stuff I do with my daughter, like going to the library, or having a picnic in the park, or going to the play ground ...
The picture shown is my, "I just gotta go somewhere and not really take much with me" bag. I usually use it to pick up my daughter from kindergarten (often by train) and have nothing planned afterwards. When I pick her up it usually contains some childrens' books. Today I left those at home. But now - the rest of the rules.

This bag I bought at a thrift store for 2 or 3 Euros. I kinda liked the "buttons" and figured I can't go seriously wrong for 3 Euros. The light blue colour is kinda ... well, childish. But anyway ...
I got in my bag today
- my wallet - obviously my bad taste regarding bags also applies to wallets
-my phone - since I have a kid the most important thing to carry around
-a pen
-a couple band aids
-an old train ticket for the way to the kindergarten
-one cough drop
-two hair pins
-a chap stick - IMPORTANT!!!
-one book - which I wanted to read in the waiting room - but when I started I realized that I have read it already. Grrr!

Okay, now you KNOW and hopefully you still like to read my posts! :-) After writing this "sewing my own bag" is really on high priority know!!! (I made the pattern ... but didn't get further yet.)
But now a bit of fun for me. I get to tag some people ... well, it doesn't say how many. I would really like to tag

-Lier from Ikat bag - because I saw this beautiful bag she made and I am really curious whether she might have made her own every-day bag, too ...?
-Kathleen from Grosgrain - I LOVE the photos on her blog and she always looks so feminine and pretty in them, I am hoping I can "learn" from her bag! ;-)
-Mira from Kleine Naht ganz groƟ (in german) - I know that she just made herself a bag and am wondering whether this is her everyday-bag


Katie said...

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get over here and comment! Thanks for playing along, I don't think you had anything to be so worried about! Hey it's functional and you can fit a bunch of stuff in it and it's bright and cheerful. The perfect bag for any mean you:) LOL!

LiEr said...

Hi there! Sorry I've not been coming to comment much this week. We've been so busy! I enjoyed reading about your bag- it is very stylish! I don't know when I'll get round to taking a picture of my bag and playing along but I am happy to describe it to you! It's store-bought, black nylon and functional to the point of being hideous. I've made bags for other people for years but I never use one myself that I've made. I always liked the satchel-style because it leaves my hands free to carry children. Someday I will make a messenger bag for myself. I must!

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks, both of you, for your kind comments! And don't worry ... I don't always have time to post, blog, comment ... so I totally understand that others - especially with kids - sometimes have other stuff to do than comment my posts. ;-)

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