Monday, January 5, 2009

Snowman cupcakes

Aren't they loveley!? And the best thing: my daughter did the decorating all herself. Well, I spread the icing on top. But the rest was done by her! I am so proud. (She is only three.) And I think they look really cute. My daughter will take them tomorrow to her kindergarten. Hope the kids will like the taste as much as the look.

I got the idea from this website.

Unfortunately we ran out of brown m&ms before we were done with all 24 of them. You would be surprised how few brown m&ms are in a bag. Well, so there are a few undecorated ones sitting in my kitchen ... thinking of them ... well, a few very lonesome cupcakes ... all alone ... looking very tasteful ... with sweet frosting ...
sorry, am off to the kitchen ...


tricia-rennea said...

Those are so lovely!

What flavor?

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks! I made two kinds - chocolate and banana-chocolate. Hopefully the kids will like those flavors.

Miss Muffin

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