Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I usually don't have more than one new year resolution since I don't like the frustration of having many - and not fullfilling them! Therefore the last years I used to have none - or one rather realistic one, so I could stand a chance! :-) But after reading about resolutions in many blogs I started thinking. I wanted to come up with one important one ... but there were just so many things that I thought to be important ... that I couldn't stick with one. So, here they are ... my resolutions for 2009.

My most important one:

1. After picking up my daughter from kindergarten spend at least one hour playing with her without switching on the computer. (Have to admit am really bad about this.)

And the rest:

2. Learn how to sell stuff on ebay - and sell all those things I don't use anymore and that just take up space in our apartment.

3. Try finishing projects before starting new ones. Try not to have more than five projects going at one time. (I actually have no idea how realistic this is. I usually have

4. Organize and backup my computer REGULARLY (and not just once a year!).

5. Get a better overview over our bank and money matters (that is my least favourite).

Well, yeah, I am going with these ones. I mean, there are LOADS of other things (like keeping the house organized at all times ... haha) that I could put down - already knowing that this will not come true in 2009 ... and probably also not in 2010 ... So therefore I try to pick realistic ones and be practical, rather have few things to work on and actually be able to change them ... than have alot things, that you already know you will fail at! My motto!
I am really curious already what I will think reading this again in one years time ... :-)

To everyone out there having resolutions - good luck making them come true! :-)

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Christy said...

Those are great resolutions! Happy new year!

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