Sunday, January 18, 2009

Magic suitcase

Today my parents and my grandpa came to visit and my grandpa brought me this:

Yes, this is an old suitcase. I would guess REALLY old! I was looking for an old one to make a "magic suitcase" out of it and was very happy that my granddad still had one. It is even not broke yet or anything and there is even still a key to it. (If this would have been my suitcase I am sure the key would have been lost a LONG LONG time ago.) I also love the inside - it has two pockets.

Well, I guess you are wondering what a magic suitcase is? Well, I have to admit I stole the idea from Melissa and her lovely blog. It's a suitcase full of dress-up clothes. I was wanting to put together dress-up clothes for a long time. I inteded to put them into a box or some kind of wooden chest. But I was a bit scared to use the chest after all, because I was afraid my daughter might squish her fingers when closing the lid. So, when I read Melissa's post that was it - a suitcase! What a lovely idea! (Also as Melissa points out the advantage of being able to easily take it with you is a great one.) I call it "magic suitcase" - that was actually my idea ;-) - because by using it's contents you can be someone else. And I simply loved the name! :-) Had to make it sound more mysterious. :-) And I wanted it to be an old suitcase rather than a new one ... I think it just fits better - and maybe makes even a nice decoration in the kid's room.
So I have the suitcase ... now I need to get stuff together to fill it. For now I let my daughter play with the empty suitcase. She wants to put all her play shop stuff in there. Also up until now she was never really into dressing-up. She did like to get her face painted to be a mouse or something like that ... but getting all dressed-up wasn't her thing yet. But I'm quite sure that will change with time. I also think it will be totally cute for a birthday or when friends come over ... So I am really looking forward to February because in Germany there is carnival. They sell costumes and face paint and accessories everywhere and I am hoping to get some good deals afterwards ... :-)


Elsie said...

Lovely idea and your little girl will enjoy dressing up so much.

Your blog has changed so much since my last visit, it is getting better and better!

I will send the patterns for the crocheted hand puppets in this week, (I did not forget about it) so keep an eye on your inbox.

Greetings from South Africa


Miss Muffin said...

Thanks for the compliment! I do really enjoy writing this blog so much ...

Miss Muffin

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