Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas tradition

Today we had a nice afternoon. We decided that we have to get rid of our christmas tree - it basically had lost at least half of its needles already ... and strewn it over our living room floor ... :-/ At my parents' house we had a nice tradition that I really love and will do with my family now. I have never heard of any other family who does this too ... therefore I am sharing this with you. In my parents' house we used to have lots of candies and chocolates. Of course my sisters and I were really keen on getting these. However, we were not allowed to take them off the tree. They would stay until my parents decided that it was time to get rid of the tree. Then we would all come together and we had to sing christmas songs in order to get a piece of candy or chocolate. For each song (or verse) you would get a piece. Last year my daughter was too young to do this. But this year she loves to sing and therefore I did this. It was a really nice family afternoon. However, I only had one kind of cookies and candy canes on the tree ... I'm thinking I will have to make different candies next year to make the whole thing more interesting ... and yummy. ;-) At home we used to have the store bought tiny chocolates ... but for some reason I don't wanna put them on my tree ... don't know why. Don't like the look of it ... Maybe I'll find some candies I can make myself ... got about 12 months to search the net. *laugh* If anybody has suggestions please let me know!

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