Friday, December 19, 2008

Salt dough

Here the results of the salt dough craft yesterday. These are the ones my daughter made. They were supposed to be christmas ornaments - that's why they have holes. But my daughter decided after collecting them into her play shop box that her dolls needed cookies to eat ... and carried them away into her room ... I think I might not see the "cookies" again for a while ... :-)
She also didn't like to colour them, which I found strange since she usually loves to colour things. Her explanation: "The dolls won't like to eat paint."
Well, she's got a point!

These are the ones I did. They all turned out very brown. That's because I was very impatient and turned the heat of the oven up ... But I like them that way! I think I might not even colour them. Some of them are lighter than others. That's because to some of the dough I added cinnamon and it makes the dough look darker. It also makes your kitchen smell REALLY nice while baking the stuff (and it bakes for a WHILE!!!!). When my husband got home last night his first question was "What's for dessert? Smells like pie or something." :-)


Elsie said...

Hi Ulli

Thanks for visiting and your comments. I think the playdough is more the kind that has cream of tartar in and cooked on the stove - that is a lovely dough too.

I know exactly what you mean with the sagging of the dough. If you take a closer look at my nativity models you will see they also look like round fat little

I think it is the amount of salt in the dough and because the dough is not cooked that causes the problem. The salt absorbs moisture and then the dough tends to become too soft.

Lately I have formed the dough around a scrunched up ball of tinfoil,( you can also make it an oval) that kinda helps a little with the sagging, also to add more flour for a stiffer dough, but other than that, I must admit,I don't have a solution for this problem (blushing a lot).

There are lots of salt dough goodies with tips in the October 2006 through to April 2007 archives on my blog, I think your children will love the cute green dragon and the spotty pencil holder too. a gift to behold

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

Elsie from South Africa

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks alot for the this comment. At least it makes me really feel better since it is nothing I did wrong! ;-)
But I will remember the tip with the tin foil. And the dragon is just too cute!

Have a merry christmas too

Rachel said...

I'd like to follow your blog, would your mind adding that feature?

You have the cutest crafts!

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks for the comment, Rachel!
I don't mind at all - I just have to admit I don't know how. *very-embarrassed-look* I'm rather new to the blog-world and I am just really slowly figuring out everything. Do I have to add a gadget in order to allow others to follow my blog? Or do I have to change something within my settings (just had a quick look but didn't find it)? Grateful for some help!


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