Sunday, December 7, 2008

Second of Advent

Of course we lit the second candle on our advent wreath. And I took some more pictures of our holiday decoration. :-)

This one was acutually supposed to become an advent calendar - with little presents hanging from it. But I just put it up with tiny ginger bread and candy canes. I was thinking of hanging little pine cones or straw stars or something as well ... But didn't have the time ... so it stayed like that and I really like it.
(I think in reality it looks prettier than in the picutre. I had to take the photo with flash ... but it didn't turn out too great ...)

Christmas decoration for "moms in a hurry"! :-) Take a wooden wreath, put straw stars on it, hang a little christmas toy, stuffed animal, cookie cutter or just anything christmassy ;-) ... and you're done! :-)

My daughter also made a christmas decoration herself. I was quite impressed - she cut out the tree all by herself!

And my daughter enjoyed very much to decorate the window in her room with star stickers! I think it looks quite cute ...

In the living room we decorated the glass door to the garden with snowflakes - they do not really "stick" but just kinda clinge to the window ... so they can be rearranged as often as you like - which my daughter of course does a lot! :-)

Yesterday was the day of St. Nicolaus. To "celebrate" we had baking apples. I usually never really liked them that much. But the ones we made yesterday were great. We just put almond paste, brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg inside some apples and but them in a baking dish with some water. Baked them for about half an hour ... and they were so yummy!!!
(Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.)

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