Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ideas, ideas, ideas ...

For some reason my head seems to be overflowing with ideas and it's getting really hard for me to keep track ...

I put the rag rug project on hold because I ran out of fabric. Until I get more - already informed all the relatives :-) - I will do other things.

I just started knitting gaiters for my little daughter. I had made her some socks a while ago and she actually likes them now. She weares them at night and never gets cold feet. Unfortunately they are a little too small by now.

So I asked her if I should make her new ones ... and she said yes. Unfortunately it usually takes me ages to finish a pair of socks ... So I was afraid that winter might be over or the finished socks won't fit anymore once I will be done ...
That's why I am making legwarmers now. It should be finished faster since I don't have to worry about a pattern. And they will fit longer! Hope my daughter will like them!

I also want to start sewing. I managed to make a baby doll diaper. Gotta make more as a christmas present for my daugher. I think she will love them.
But I also wanted to sew something "real". So to practice I cut out a bag pattern and now I am searching for appropriate fabric to use. I hope to finish the project soon. I'm thinking ... once I am done with the bag I might figure out how to alter the pattern and make a smaller bag for my daugther as well.

Also I want to make an advent calender for my daughter and for my husband. For my daughter I saw a totally cute advent calendar on the internet that I would like to make. Basically it is just a huge felt christmas tree and 24 ornaments made of felt. Each day one ornament gets put onto the tree. I really love the idea! Hope my daugher will love it too - even though it doesn't involve chocolate! :-)
I even found a site were they had 24 (actually 25) different poems/ texts - one for each ornament/ day. I thought that's really nice!
I just gotta get all the supplies - felt and embroidery yarn - and start stiching!

Oh, and I plan to sew an empire top for my daugher. I saw the pattern and completely fell in love with it. I just gotta buy some nice fabric and get going ...

And I also wanted to make some fingerless gloves for myself ... I never tried that yet. But I hate it in the winter, when you're outside with your little child and all of the time you have to put off and put back on your gloves ... blowing the nose, getting something out of the handbag, tying shoes, putting the scarf or hat bag where it is supposed to be .... Adding to that my daughter didn't like it to hold my hand when I was wearing gloves - I always had to put the gloves off first! So often I ended up not wearing gloves at all ... and freezing! I thought some fingerless gloves might solve the problem. And also I think they just look great - AND they are way easier to knit than the ones with the fingers! ;-)

Oh, and I also have a whole shoe box full of glass beads ... and am not sure yet what to do with them ...

I probably still forgot a bunch of ideas ... For some reason when christmas time approaches I feel really "crafty" ... :-)

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