Saturday, November 15, 2008

Advent calendar

I've been working at the advent calendar for my daugther yesterday ... just some impressions ...

And with all the hard work ... ;-) there had to be cookies!!! :-)


Elsie said...

These cookies look sooooo delicious! Any chance of sharing or posting the recipe, please

It looks like coconut and chocolate wheels?

Miss Muffin said...

Yes they are! :-)
I don't mind sharing - it's not mine! :-) I hope it is alrigh if I put the link here ... am not too sure about the "rules" of blogging yet ...
It's from the Martha Stewart website

When I was making them I actually swore I would definitely never make them again! The dough was a PAIN! And I usually love baking and already tried quite alot ... but this dough! But I do have to say - it was all worth it and once I have more free time again I am pretty sure I will make them again. For cookies they take quite some effort to make but they are sooooo good!!!!
Hope you have more luck with the dough! :-)

Elsie said...

Thanks for the link, Ulli. I am a little behind in baking but I am definitely going to try this one!

I think you are allowed to put the link here, it is good traffic for her site.

Elsie said...

It's me again. I found the recipe on Martha's site, but if it comes to points for looks (photo), yours win! If I had seen hers first, would not have even bothered to try it.Good job!

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks for the compliment! *blushing-a-lot*
And about posting links - for some reason I thought you would have to ask everytime you post a link. Now my husband told me (he works with computers) that you only have to ask if you use the actual information from the other site - like if I would post the Martha Stewart photo or the recipe on my blog. Should have known that before - that'll make blogging so much easier! :-)
But I will double check on the internet just in case ... :-)

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